Public Works Department (PWD) and Revenue Minister, Shivpal Yadav on Saturday stressed need of more wide publicity of new `Revenue Model’ so the public should understand its benefit.

Reviewing the steps taken for publicity of new Revenue Model incorporated in February 2016, with the officials here at PWD auditorium on Saturday morning, Shivpal claimed that public is still unaware of the steps taken by Samajwadi Party government under the new Revenue Model. He directed the officials that a concentrated efforts should be made for it’s wide spread publicity at thesil, naya-panchayat, village and blocks level.

Shivpal said that hoardings, banners and posters should be put up on all the gram panchayats, main roads, crossings, fairs, thesil and block offices, district collectrate, court etc. He said that similar advertisement and short documentaries should be project through channels, print media and other social and electronic media sites. He also pointed that officials could also hold folk songs programmes or street plays for the purpose.

Besides the above, Shivpal also stressed proper training  of the officials about the new Revenue Model by orgnising meetings at all the district, thesil, block level offices. Besides, Shivpal, meeting was also attended by chairman of Board of Revenue, Anil Gupta and other senior officials.

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