Shah led Gujarat riots


Cabinet minister Shivpal Singh Yadav shot back at Bharatiya Janata Party national president Amit Shah over his allegations that the SP leader had links with Mathura violence mastermind Ram Vriksha Yadav .

Shivpal hit out at Shah saying the BJP leader is accused of orchestrating riots in Gujarat and was even jailed for it. His retort came hours after Shah, while addressing a public meeting in Lucknow, lashed out at Shiv pal accusing him of shielding perpetra tors of the Mathura clash in which 24 persons, including an SP and an SHO, lost their lives. Shah went on to demand Yadav’s resignation.

Shivpal also attacked BSP chief Mayawati saying her party was nowhere in the reckoning in the coming assembly elections. “Those buying BSP tickets will lose their money ,“ said Shivpal.The BSP chief too had accused the SP government of giving its clandestine support to squatters who encroached on a government land. Though she did not take Shivpal’s name, she hinted at involvement of a senior SP leader.

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